Registration is now open for my workshop!

About Moon-Time is a workshop full of information, practices and resources for all beings interested in:

Learning how to live more optimally aligned with the natural rhythms; based on how to work deeply and deliberately with the all the phases of the whole menstrual cycle.

With this view and awareness brings the potential to greatly reduce monthly symptoms of suffering. Relieving excessive cramps, bloat, flow, tenderness and fatigue et cetera, which then allows the backlog of ama (build up) in the body to process and dissipate and the monthly moon-time becomes more ease-full.

Discover how to use the tools and practices to your advantage and maximize menstruating with this awareness as a path and gateway to reclaim the capacity of innate inner knowing.

This workshop is inclusive of everybody, uterine body owning and/or menstruating or not. 

Everybody welcome!