What does Love Your Brain Friendly mean?

Love Your Brain (www.loveyourbrain.com) is a non profit group that supports people who have had a traumatic brain injury and their caretakers too. The six week series is free for all who qualify.

I am one of 4 teachers at The Yoga Lab who takes turns teaching and assisting  the FUNdamental series which is offered 4 times a year.

The next series startsTuesday, 2;30p-4pm on October 8th,2019 with Rebecca Bell as the main teacher and is assisted by myself.

Participants enjoy the potential of a life long practice that you and your caregivers can continue to use along the path of your TBI recovery and healing journey. There are many tools to help become mindful, positive, and resilient as well as gaining a community with others who are experiencing similar consequences of living with a brain injury.

If you or someone you know has had a traumatic brain injury you can click or copy and paste The Love Your Brain link below to explore more and to sign up for the next FUNdamental series.


Furthermore; when a class at The Yoga Lab is designated as  “Love Your Brain Friendly” it means that people who have had a TBI and their caretakers qualified (via www.loveyourbrain.com) and completed the six week FUNdamental series and are able to take my restorative class (as well as a few others on the schedule) at a very reduced rate.

My regular Wednesday night 7:30p Restorative yoga class is designated on The Yoga Lab schedule as, ” Love Your Brain Friendly” because I am able to assist and accommodate the class, the poses, and the atmosphere for the needs of our friends who have had a TBI.

I look forwards to seeing you in class whether it is for a FUNdamentals Series or for Restorative practice.