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Hi Everybody,

I make a couple of yoga related items one being lavender and unscented eye pillows in a variety of satin colors. They are filled with flax seeds and the covers are washable. $10 each.

Pink satin lavender scented eye pillows with washable cover
Eye Pillows with removable cover.

I also sew leg warmers from sweaters. They are 100% real wool or extra fine merino or a blend there of with cashmere. The cut is tapered down the calf for a comfortable fit and the elastic at the top keeps them up.  Lengths will vary depending on the size of the sweater. $20 a pair.

Leg warmers are a great way to keep your lower legs warm in the cooler months and they double your wardrobe too because you can wear them with your shorter length yoga tights.

Please use the “Contact” page form to let me know what you would like. Thank you.

100% wool legwarmers. 2 pairs in stock.
Wool leg warmers, 2 pairs in stock.
Deep plum color Cashmere leg warmers. 2 pairs in stock.
Real wool leg warmers with knee patches. One pair in stock.
The leg warmer bucket as I call it. It’s where I keep the leg warmers straight from when the last thread is snipped and it’s out of the machine. And I can easily see what’s available from this picture. Chocolate Brown wool one pair. Mint green lambs wool one pair. And slate gray merino one pair as well as the ones stated above. Plus a couple of cowls I knitted.