I am currently reading and studying the following which influences what and how I teach in class:

Moving with the Moon, Ana Davis

Healing Trauma, Peter Levine

Good Faeries, bad faeries, Brain Froud.

Waking up, Sam Harris. (Finished)

The wild unknown tarot: Kim Krans.

The wild unknown animal spirit:Kim Krans.

The Faeries Oracle: Brain Froud.

Roots of yoga, James Mallinson and Mark Singleton.

The book of Ceremony, Sandra Ingerman.

Blink, Malcolm Gladwell.

Thich Nhat Hanh: Anger, Wisdom for cooling the flames.  (Finished!)

Bari Tesler: The Art of Money

Lucid Dreaming: Robert Wagoner. (lucid dreaming is a yoga practice-it’s in the sutra)

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli: Yoni Shakti  (Finished) Absolutely pivotal in a menstruaters’s life no matter the phase.

Wild Power: Alexandra Pope. (finished) More menstruation help!

VBT or Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: Translations by Christopher Wallis and others. Weekly videos on fb group Tantrik Yoga Now. The non dual tantrik philosophies are what have kept me sane.

Recommend The Sutra Project.

Siva Sutras: Swami Lakshamjoo.

Recognition Sutras: Christopher Wallis.

Opening of the Compassionate Heart: Lar Short, Martin Lowenthall.

Feeding your demons by, Tsultrim Allinone.

Shakti Rising by, Kavitha Chinnaiyan MD.

The wisdom of the shamans by, Don Jose Ruiz.

Living your yoga by, Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D.

Ka, Stories of the Mind and Gods of India by, Roberto Calasso.

I learn from the following youtube and podcast people: Molly McCord, Simon Vorster,(definitely considering taking their astrology courses)  Aluna Ash, Richard Grannon, Adalina Bonn, HearthWitch, Esoteric Healing ,Kundalini Yogini, Arsha Bodha Center-Swami Tadatmananda.

Also essential in my life these 5 years at least is the monthly forecast of:

I am currently in my third- six month long immersion with scholar practictioner Christoper Hareesh Wallis.

At the end of each class I try to remember to announce the resources that I have been working with that inspired or influenced what I taught that day. I’ll also will post that on my Face Book Page called: Jennifer Abrahams Yoga….right down to the playlist I created and used.

Enjoy exploring these resources!