At Tula Movement Arts and The Yoga Lab where I ply my trade of introducing the subtle art of tuning into the body and releasing patterns of tension while cueing poses in a grounded manner. Recently the theme was “finding resources when you’ve become absent or off track & how to redirect yourself back to center”. I shared several resources, tips and tricks to redirect back to center and I have more that I didn’t share too!
Here they are:
-Review the last 2 or 3 moons whether new or full. 
-look ahead to the next moons and holidays–you don’t have to believe just be open and follow the golden thread. ~heads up specifically~ new moon, year of the boar, Imbolc, Kwan Yin Bday, & Goddess Bridget’s day, Valentine’s Day. And or any personal or familial birthdays or milestones or anniversaries. 
-haven’t journaled in ages?-just write the date on the page, tune in and write 3,”I feel” sentences every morning. 
-sign up for a course. Eg. Sutras Illuminated by Christopher Wallis,
-read blogs called Pure Motive or the Near Enemies of the Truth series. 
-get in the fb group Tantrik Yoga Now
-read astrology blogs and or monthly forecast for heads up on what influences to work with. 
– apply yogic principles of lifestyle to menstruate mindfully. Books: 1-Wild Power, Alexandra Pope. 2-Yoni Shakti, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Online course: Releasing The Curse by
These are a few of my favourite things:) 
I don’t often dish out all the gems but it was time to share resources.

I hope that serves you well,
Ity Śivam, may it be for a blessing. 🕉☮☮☮