Hi Everybody,

I offer Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes based both from my training as an RYT 500 and also from my personal experience of 20 years of practice.  In restorative yoga class it is my mission to help you achieve your goals of deep relaxation in the body and mind by providing instructional cues founded on returning to a grounded sense of inner stillness.

The benefits of restorative yoga is a long and varied list from improved range of motion through to improved capacity for healing. Restorative practice balances the nervous system,  boosts the immune system, and my favorites; restorative yoga enhances a deep sense of relaxation in the body as well as the mind.

In restorative yoga the use of props makes it easier for the body to release tension while systematically encouraging the muscles and organs to relax without engaging the nervous system.  Then we combine the above releasing of tension with deep breathing which slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure and slows down the thoughts and emotions. This is an excellent formula for putting the body in a healthier state of being and functioning.

Because I value deep and grounded stillness within; it is my vision that everyone who takes my restorative class experience a sense of symmetrical stability in the body and an inner state of steadiness of the mind. These qualities are then retained as much as possible as folks transition back into the world with a sense of renewed poise ready to meet what arises in the present moment with ease and grace.

Please join me on Wednesday nights from 7:30 – 8:45 pm at The Yoga Lab in Bend, Oregon for an equalizing and restorative experience.

Everybody is welcome!